Autism Angels is an amazing charity in the Harrogate area, offering vital support to children, young people and families who are affected by Autism, in a wonderful countryside environment with horses and nature. 

Autism Angels specializes in working with families who have diverse or additional needs, in order to give them the opportunities to succeed and thrive in an environment which supports and enables their learning and development.

We work with horses to support learning and this is known as “Equine Facilitated Learning”. This creates ‘real life’ scenarios that can then be practiced and worked through. When this is combined with Autism Angels coaching approach, it creates a very powerful platform to illicit change and empower people to live their best life yet. This approach is known as Equine Facilitated Coaching. These methods are at the core of the many exciting and fun activities offered to local families. Activities include; Family Fun Days, Animal Care Clubs, Back to School with Confidence Days, Mentoring Programmes, Parent support sessions, Saturday Clubs, Riding Therapy, Summer Camps and so much more.

Autism Angels has accomplished some incredible achievements since its inception in 2015 including;

  • Harrogate Organisation of the Year 2018
  • Point of Light Recognition from Prime Minister
  • Volunteer invited to Buckingham Palace to recognise work
  • Strata Homes Charity of the Year 2018
  • Yorkshire Post Christmas Appeal 2017
  • Autism Friendly Santa Grottos
  • Featured therapy in “My Violent Child” 2015

We are now looking to expand our team of Trustees so that we can move this dynamic and forward thinking charity forward in order to achieve more success and provide more and better services to all of our clients and community.

We are looking for people who have skills in one or more of the following areas

Social Media
Trustee experience
Legal and Professional/Solicitor

Our Trustees play an integral role at Autism Angels and we value the input and support that we currently receive from those on the board. As our charity grows and expands we would like to open the doors for more people to join our board so that we can move our dynamic and transformational charity forward.

If this is something you are interested in and would like more information please email

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