Little Green Pig

Who we are

Little Green Pig offer free writing workshops for young people in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. 

We believe that everyone, whatever their background, has a right to write and needs a space to create. We believe something special happens when you pick up a pen; we believe that writing grows self-confidence and communication, develops empathy, and builds healthy communities. We serve all young people, but we focus our resources on those from Brighton and East Sussex’s most deprived communities, both in and out of schools, ensuring that children from all backgrounds have a chance to express themselves creatively, tell their stories and expand their horizons. 

We are growing rapidly, and have doubled our reach over the last two years; in 2017-18, we worked with over 850 young people, often in collaboration with others (Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton Fringe, Radio Reverb, Into University). As well as storybooks written by young people, we have created radio shows, soap operas, an immersive walking tour, comic books, a crime drama and a travel guide. For the past two years, we have been resident in a primary school for a term each year.

We have four staff supported by freelancers and over 35 volunteers. As a Registered Charity, all decisions are overseen by a Board of Trustees – they set the direction, and help plan, monitor and evaluate the work. We have big ambitions, and want people to help drive that. 

What we are looking for

Following the retirement of our current Trustee with legal expertise, we are looking to recruit a new legal mind to join our lively, engaged Board. You will have professional legal experience; you are not expected to offer legal advice, but we would value your attention to detail and an ability to analyse proposals and examine their consequences. If you are new to the charity sector, we would hope you would be willing to familiarise yourself with the legislation governing charities. A current trustee is acting as Company Secretary but some assistance from you might be needed. Any experience of contract or employment law would be an added bonus. 

You will have a passion for young people’s creativity. You will like working as part of a team, and enjoy making things happen. You will be a clear thinker, an active listener, a good communicator, and are not afraid to speak your mind. You are responsible and committed and have the time to give. We will support your learning, and offer support and training where needed.

To make the best decisions, we need to have the widest range of voices around the table. We are keen to continue to increase the diversity of our Board, and especially welcome applications from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, and disabled people. 

We hold Board meetings once a quarter in central Brighton, usually on a Thursday evening, and we organise an annual away day. Trustees often have actions to work on between meetings. We also hold launch events, and would expect you to attend at least one of these a year.  

What we can offer you

Our Trustees are unpaid, but we can offer travel expenses. In return for your time and expertise, we offer you the experience of being part of an exciting new model for creative teaching and learning, and a chance to make a real difference to the lives of young people in Brighton and East Sussex.  

For more info, contact the Chair Pete Lawson on 

Trustee – Job Description

The main tasks, duties and responsibilities of Trustees are: 

  • Giving direction to the organisation
    • strategic policy making
    • planning and prioritising 
    • monitoring and evaluating 
    • ensuring that the work Little Green Pig does fits within our charitable objects and our mission statement
  • Resource management
    • taking a financial overview 
    • ensuring we use money for what we’re meant to 
    • ensuring the organisation’s finances are responsibly managed 
    • actively supporting the fundraising activities of the charity
  • Managing people
    • being a good employer 
    • having proper policies and procedures 
    • working within employment law 
  • Accountability
    • being able to account for the activities to any body, group or individual
  • Legal
    • ensuring the organisation abides by its constitution and obeys the law

You will: 

  • be a clear thinker, an active listener, and a good communicator
  • enjoy working with a team, supporting staff, and rising to new challenges
  • attend four Board Meetings a year, held on weekday evenings in central Brighton, and also an annual ‘away-day’ to consider broader issues in more depth
  • take on tasks between meetings as agreed, and be available to give advice to staff or fellow Board members on an ad hoc basis 
  • attend at least one event a year, such as a launch event, performance, or workshop
  • support Little Green Pig fundraising, for example through individual fundraising, introducing or meeting with potential donors, or attending and helping at fundraising events.
  • have a commitment to the aims, values and work of Little Green Pig

Opportunities are provided to visit work in progress. You will be able to claim for reasonable travel and childcare expenses.

The position of Trustee is purely voluntary; in return for your time and expertise, we offer you the experience of being part of an exciting new model for creative teaching and learning.  You will be contributing to a successful creative and fun organisation which is part of an international network, and through that will provide vital support to young people, their schools, parents and carers.  

For more info, contact the Chair Pete Lawson on 

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