I am writing to invite you to a focus group discussion on the Charity Governance Code, and potential areas to include in a consultation on its refresh, launching later on this year.

We have been delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response by charities to the new edition of the Code that was published in July 2017. At that time, we also undertook to take account of subsequent changes in the external environment so that the Code remains relevant, up-to-date and aspirational.

While our feedback, which we would like to test, is that the structure and key principles in the Code work well, and therefore we don’t want to make extensive revisions, there are aspects of the Code which would benefit from a refresh.

To that end we are keen to hear from interested people and groups on their experience of using the Code and sector developments. The aim is that this feedback will inform and enrich a subsequent consultation paper on potential updates to the Code.

In particular we are interested in hearing the views of professional services and consultants on the following questions:

1)      What aspects of the Code are working well?

2)      Is there anything in the Code which you can’t live with or which you believe compromises the Code’s effectiveness, utility or integrity?

3)      Is there anything urgent which needs to be added to the Code, bearing in mind that the aspiration is to refresh, rather than restructure the Code?

4)      What other codes do you use and rate? Why?

5)      Are there any emerging larger changes or themes we should capture?

6)      What else do you think would encourage take up of the Code?

We will be holding a focus group discussion that ICSA: The Governance Institute re hosting on the Code Working Group’s behalf on the following dates:

9.30 to 12 pm on Thursday 22 August

13.00-15.30 on Friday 6 September

13.00-15.30 on Monday 16 September
I apologise for the short notice for the first option, but hope that the timing works for one of the sessions.

If you and/or a colleague are able to attend, we would welcome your views. Due to considerations of space, can we ask that you restrict this to no more than three people per organisation?

If you wish to attend, please will you confirm with Craig Beeston ( which of the focus group events listed above you will be attending.

We look forward to hearing your views on how the Code has worked to date and how it might be improved for the next three years.

Rosie Chapman

Chair, Charity Governance Code Steering Group.


The session on Monday 16 September is now in the morning (9.30). In full, the sessions are:

Thursday 22 August, 9.30-12.00

Friday 6 September, 13.00-15.30

Monday 16 September, 9.30-12.00