Trustee Vacancies

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The CLA provides this space on its website for charities to advertise trustee vacancies. Below are details of charities that are currently looking for trustees.
Note: The CLA does not endorse any charity or its advert. You should make your own enquiries as to the suitability of the charity and role, if considering applying.

Autism Angels Trustees

Autism Angels is an amazing charity in the Harrogate area, offering vital support to children, young people and families who are affected by Autism, in a wonderful countryside environment with horses and nature.  Autism Angels specializes in working with families who have diverse or additional needs, in order to give them the opportunities to succeed and thrive in an environment which supports and enables their learning and [...]

Clarity – Trustee with legal background

Clarity is the oldest social enterprise charity in England, founded in 1854 by Elizabeth Gilbert and our mission is the same today as it was then, to enhance the lives of visually impaired and other disabled people through meaningful employment.  We have approximately 110 people working for Clarity, of whom 83% have a disability.  We provide employment across a wide range of roles, and support that employment through the [...]