New opportunities for reforming the law

Can you identify areas of the law that would benefit from reform?
The Law Commission is consulting on its 12th Programme of Law Reform. This offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to ask the Commission to examine specific problems with the law. The sort of projects the Commission is looking for will relate to problems with the law that are:
  • causing substantial unfairness, widely discriminatory or disproportionately costly, or
  • caused by laws or policies that are complex, hard to understand or out of step with modern standards.
The Law Commission is a statutory independent body that keeps the law under review and, where needed, recommends reforms to make the law fair, modern, simple and as cost-effective as possible. The projects it conducts are legally complex, non-political and likely to make a lasting difference.
To find out more about the consultation and how to submit your suggestion for a law reform project, visit